2 Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Feeling Car Sick

12 August 2015
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If your dog is not the type that enjoys car rides, it is probably because it begins feeling sick, nervous, or scared each time you take it for a ride. Dogs can get motion sickness from car rides or just dislike car rides in general, but these are conditions you might be able to prevent. If you would like your dog to start enjoying car rides, you may want to follow these tips.

Train Your Dog to Think Differently

One of the main reasons dogs feel sick during car rides is due to their expectations of the destination of the trip. If you only take your dog places it hates going, it will immediately think that it is going somewhere bad. This can include going to the vet, a dog groomer, or a kennel. While these are all good places for you to take your dog, your dog is not likely to enjoy any of these.

As soon as you put your dog in the car, it may instantly think that it will end up in one of these places, and this thought is enough to make your dog sick. You may be able to retrain the way your dog thinks, though, and you can do this by taking it for car rides more often.

You could take a cruise around town or around your neighborhood, for example. You could also take the dog to a dog part or to a friend's house. If you begin taking it to "good" places, the dog might begin associating car rides with good things. This could be enough to stop the dog's fears, anxiety, and sickness.

Get Medication from Your Vet

If you are not having any luck with retraining your dog to like car rides, the dog might benefit from medication. Some dogs truly have car sickness, and this might not be something that you can change. If this is the case, your vet might be able to give you medication for car sickness.

A common medication used for treating car sickness in dogs is called dimenhydrinate, which is found in Dramamine (a medication used to treat people with motion sickness).

If you prefer natural remedies, you could purchase ginger pills for pets to give to your dog. Ginger is a natural ingredient that can be helpful for reducing feelings of nausea and other stomach issues. Be sure to clear this with a vet first to be sure the remedy is good for your particular dog.

Taking your dog to the vet and other important places can be a nightmare if it feels sick and nervous the entire time, but there are ways to change this. Talk to a vet for more information about treating car sickness in dogs.