3 Things To Do If Your Dog Is Hit By A Car

6 May 2016
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When you get a dog, it is natural for him or her to become a beloved part of the family. Most pet owners do whatever they can to protect their dog, but when your pup digs under the gate or unexpectedly darts out the door when you open it he or she may run into traffic and get hit by a car. If your dog has been hit by a car, take the following steps: Read More 

4 Things Rat Owners Need To Know About Ringtail

3 May 2016
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Ringtail, also called avascular necrosis of the tail, is a condition that can affect your pet rat. Here are four things rat owners need to know about ringtail. What are the signs of ringtail? Ringtail presents as dry skin on the tail of young rats. Since dry skin is tough and hard, it won't expand as easily as the rest of the skin as your rat grows. This dry skin can then cut off the circulation to your rat's tail. Read More 

A Minor Limp Or Something More Serious? What Dog Owners Should Know About Medial Nerve Issues

31 March 2016
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As a dog owner, you probably already know that active dogs often get cuts and bruises on the pads of their feet that cause them to develop a minor limp. However, a limp that appears suddenly with no apparent soft tissue damage to the foot may be more serious. If the limp is accompanied by a change in the dog's gait, such as a condition known as knuckling where the foot folds under while walking, creating a dragging effect, the issue may be neurological. Read More 

5 Tips For Reducing Your Dog’s Risk Of Cancer

30 January 2016
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Your dog means the world to you and the idea of it getting cancer can be very frightening. Although there have been many advances in cancer treatments for canines, it is best for your dog to avoid getting the disease in the first place. Here are five helpful tips for reducing your dog's risk of cancer: Help Your Dog Maintain a Healthy Weight If your dog is overweight, it has an increased risk of contracting several different diseases, including cancer. Read More